Monday, December 15, 2008

15 Dec 08 - Introduction

Welcome to our page. We named our blog as GrrLPoWer. We are the seven of us which are Masriza Suzianna Bt Mohd Yaacob (known as Bee), Raihana Faraha Bt Abu (known as Paa), Nur Asyeila Bt Abd Rahman (known as Sheila), Nor Suria Bt Mustapha (known as Sue), Fatasya Bt Jasni (known as Sya), Norsyahira Bt Mohd Nordin (known as Syiera) and lastly Wan Raihana Bt Rosli (known as Wan). We are 21 years old came from the same college which is MARA Profesional College Indera Mahkota. We met at the college and became the best friends. We go through the thick and thin together, became each other shoulder to cry on. The objective of this blog is to get us together as we will be separate after we complete our studies. Actually, we are not the blog-type person. But, it seems like everyone has their own. So, we create one for the seven of us. Here, we share the same username and password so that each of us can post our articles (it will be easier). So, to all the viewers you are welcome to our blog. Thank you!