Tuesday, December 23, 2008

23 Dec 08 - This is what we call 'Sahabat'

We've been crazeyyyyyyyy all the time at the office. Picture below proved that our craziness. We called that as crown.

Wan (muka cool)

Sue (muka yang buat saya tergelak sepanjang masa)

Sheila (this one is really crazeyyy)

Paa (muka steady)

Bee (muka minta penampo)

Today Dr Yong has given us a souvenir from China. He bought us a Multifunctional Healthy Bracelet. Sorry kawan2 yang lain. Kami ada 5 je. We called it as 'Jam Sahabat'.

Cuba teka tangan siapa?

This picture is really cool. Love it!