Tuesday, December 16, 2008

16 Dec 08 - A picture worth a thousand words

This is the picture of US.
We COMPLETE each other.

Supergirl. This is Wan. She consider herself as 'Supergirl' who can saves the world. Wahahaha... Her birthday is on 10 May. She came from Nogori Sembilan. Her favorite things to do is chatting. She loves to have a private chat whether using ym or skype. The most networking website that she likes is Tagged.com. She can online for almost of the day.

. One simple word that can describe her. Her name is Syiera. Her birthday is on 10 March. She came from Kelantan same with Suria. That is why when they start talking, we just have to listened to them and understand what are they saying. Apa yang saya tahu pasal budak comelzzz ini ialah dia suka 'tempura'. She influences the girls to eat the tempura. Syiera juga suka air orange (takde kaitan). Kesimpulannya, dia suka makan. =)

This lovely lady is known by the name Sya. She is the sweetest among us. She was born on 17 January. The eldest one. She came from Johor Bahru. She loves things like the beauty products. That is her passionate. Dont care whatever people say about her make up. Dia cuma cakap " Suka hati aku la". So, orang lain tak payah susah hati dia nak pakai make up ke apa. Tak guna pun duit korang.

Hi! My name is Suria. You can call me Sue. This one, she consider herself as the cutest one. I am just agree with that (ambil hati dowh..). Her birthday is on 24 November. She came from Kelantan but still consider herself from KL. I dont know why. This girl favorite things to do is 'makan' selain dari hangout dengan member2 dia. Bak kata dia 'Kupu-kupu malam'. She teach me one word which is 'Cakelat getoh'.

This girl is known as Sheila. She was born on 10 November at Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur. She came from Sepang. Her favorite things to do is shopping. She loves to shop very much. Ye.. saya sangat suka handbags and shoes. Dan saya amat prihatin bilakah tarikh2 sale. Sale membuatkan saya jadi gila sebab semua benda nak beli tapi duit tak cukup. Her favorite phrase is 'Shop.Eat.Enjoy'.

This cute girl that holding the fake flower is known as Paa. She was born on 10 June and came from Ijok (if im not mistaken). Everybody knows that she loves to watch the korean drama series. I just cant imagine that she can spend the whole time by watching the series. She downloaded the drama from the internet. Lepas satu2 drama dia download. But only two of them yang saya tengok. Hahaha...

This smiley little girl is known as Bee. She is the smallest among us (ayat ambil hati). She was born on 30 August and came from Klang. She has the same interest like Sya. That is why they always share the make up things. Kalau Bee takde pinjam Sya, kalau Sya takde pinjam Bee pulak. Tuka2 la kan. Oh ye... everybody knows that she loves 'hijau daun pisang' color. Most of her clothes adalah dari kombinasi color hijau.