Thursday, December 18, 2008

18 Dec 08 - No such things as free lunch

Today, Dr Gopala treat us lunch. Jega and Nadiah bought us KFC big bucket. Im not sure how many pieces inside it, but I only eat a piece of chicken, two slice of wedges and a portion of mashed potato. So are them. Malu2 la pulak semuanya. Syiera jealous dengan kitaorg sebab dia tak dapat makan KFC. Pastuh dia cakap kitaorg curi tulang sebab Dr Yong takde. Memang kalau Dr Yong takde heaven sket sebabnya takde orang nak membebel.

Oh ya.. the latest news about Sya. She is about to transfer the Streamyx and telephone bill to me last night. But the problem is the machine is keep displaying that my account number is invalid. So, I called her just now. Its good to hear her voice after quite some time. Lama kot sebulan tak jumpa. Kitaorg mana pernah berpisah even sampai sekarang pun tempat practical sama except for Sya and Syiera. Technology is how we keep in touch (ayat macam best). Through Skype and SMS. Huhuhu...

Everyday I heard the word 'near the Besraya Tol', 'you know that Jalan Kuchai Lama', 'shift to Salak South' and whatever. Hate to hear that because I just knew that our allowance is actually RM 300 instead of RM 350. Mr Jayaram already do the financial things (tak tahu la apa). No comment. Nak marah pun takde agreement before this, cuma email je la. But, it is never enough la.. Tolong la faham. Mana cukup nak tanggung living cost kat KL nih. Terpaksa la minta elaun FAMA. Thats all for today.